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Jens Lekman Live in Singapore.

Jens Lekman will be performing a one night only show at The White Rabbit, the chapel turned restaurant.

More info and bonus MP3 after the jump.

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Stars x Manic Street Preachers x The Whitest Boy Alive.

no no no. its not a collaboration between the three.

that would be one massive messy orgy.

Stars x Manic Street Preachers x The Whitest Boy Alive!

ALL of them are on their way to grace our shores here in Singapore.

I’m pretty sure most of you have heard of it.

But you know, just for you to KIV beacuse if you tolerate this your children will be next.

For overseas readers, this might not be a big deal, but for us stuck in this small island, this represents hope.

Hope for much greater things to come.

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Camera Obscura live in Singapore.


you know what i think.

whatever death cab. you have been replaced as the best live indie pop band that graced our fine shores.

and i should really tell you this only after i have gotten my tickets.

They are playing on the 29th of October at the esplanade.

BUT tickets starts selling on the 21st of August. So don’t get them cos I want them all.

if looks could kill….

mp3 | Camera Obscura – If looks could kill / (MF)

mp3 | Camera Obscura – Super Trooper (ABBA Cover) / (MF)

Camera Obscura website

Camera Obscura myspace

Death Cab in Singapore??

do they possess your heart??

or are they just another indie band for you?

whatever it is. Death Cab For Cutie are claiming to be heading here in august. the MASSIVE nation of Singapore.

be proud and show DCFC some real love.
i don’t think i need to tell you that.

SO.. is it another rumor like the arcade fire one a couple of months back or is this for real.

check it out here where it is stated that they are gonna play at the esplanade.

its on their official site so i’m hoping they don’t bail out at the last minute.

go here for some stuff from their latest album narrow stairs.

or join the official facebook group to will them to come.

grab this awesome track from their forbidden love EP, technicolor girls.

mp3|Death cab for cutie – Technicolor girls / (zshare)

i wanna be forever young.

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