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Cheap Monday Mix.

-photo by thecobrasnake.

cheap mondays deserve a bloody good mix to make up for the terrible moods.

5 tracks for your week of work.

Use the MF link if the normal one does not work.

mp3 | Bloc Party – Mercury (CSS Remix) / (MF)

mp3 | The Ting Tings – Shut Up And Let Me Go (LAZRtag Remix) / (MF)

mp3 | Mr Oizo – Bruce Willis is Dead / (MF)

mp3 | Beastie Boys – Intergalactic (Alan Braxe Bootleg) / (MF)

mp3 | Kid Sister – Pro Nails (Simian Mobile Disco Remix) / (MF)


friday the 13th.

-kate moss by hedi slimane.

!tashed friday the 13th mix

mp3|Crystal Castles – Crimewave (Lazrtag remix) / (zshare)

mp3|Digitalism – Pogo (CSS remix) / (zshare)

mp3|Cut Copy – Hearts on fire (Calvin Harris remix) / (zshare)

mp3|MGMT – Electric Feel (Justice remix) / (zshare)

mp3|Does it offend you, yeah? – Epic Last Song (Lifelike remix) / (zshare)

mp3|Teenagers – Alone again (Van She Tech remix) / (zshare)

new single sellout- CSS & Coldplay.

hot off the fryin pan are these 2 sizzling new tracks.

one from CSS or cansei de ser sexy and the other from gwyneth paltrow’s husband and his band.

Coldplay with a new album coming up and riding on the new age wave of music distribution just like radiohead with in rainbows.

the latest shit!

grab em and let me know how you think the taste of their new albums will be like.

mp3|Coldplay – Violet hill / (zshare)

mp3|CSS – Rat is dead (rage) / (zshare)

CSS [website] [myspace]

Coldplay website

sellout. music is my hot hot sex.

im a sellout only because i feel like the photo above.

heres the song many of you have been looking for.

all because it was used for the apple commercial.

im tired of being sexy.

mp3|CSS music is my hot hot sex

friday i’m in love: remixed

the NEW single by none other than kings of electro-pop hot chip.
call them indietronica or electro-pop..they are pure genius in my eyes and my oh my they have got a new single up their pits.
its in the hot chip vein as usual and incredibly synthful.

mp3|hot chipshake a fist

remember to get their insane album coming on strong here.

this is a weekend remix i tried posting the past 2 days but something was wrong with blogger.

mp3|CSS-lets make love and listen to death from above (calvin harris remix)
mp3|justice-phantom II (soulwax nite version)
mp3|peter, bjorn and john vs amy winehouse-young folks in rehab (dj topcat remix)
mp3|twistawell its time (ft. kanye west) (FEIST sampler)

what is happening! why is twista and kanye on my site?
you should know my “penchant” for hip-hop…
buttttt this is a feist sample, yes get it right
a feist sampler of her song gatekeeper.

remember to get her album the reminder here.

last but not incredible discotronic rave mix by
a local dj called inquisitive and you can DL it right here.

mix|dj inquisitivediscotronic rave mix

friday im in love: lets dance to joy division

friday im in love is when all the danciest, catchiest sounding boys and girls come along and make you happy..

so happy that you can float in ecstacy(watch the veedeeyo)
this fry day its the liverpool outfit the wombats!
and am i late or what..they are so damn catchy its really quite hard to dislike them..

a real pity i havent talked about them before.
but here i am waxing lyrical so you guys can go hysterical.

enjoy the single that will make you tap your feet again..and not only because its friday.
and when you are led to the deejay booth you know what to ask know what to ask for.

mp3|the wombatslets dance to joy division
mp3|the wombatskill the director (CSS remix)
pre-order the album here!

lets get tashed.

music is my hot hot sex | right click







music is my hot hot sex.
this post is gonna be really explicit.
and for all you internet savvy geeks out there
this post is NSFW.not.
so..for the benefit of greenhorns and tashed freshmen

right-click on the link to the song and save as to download it.

i am going to introduce you to an idea
a really enticing one which appealed to me
lets go to lala land.first sign up to get a free cd.
then take out all your lovely albums which you have overplayed
and change them for fresh new edgy tunes
for 1…yes..1 dollarlala.i have no links to them.
and im not askin you to buy anything.
i just love the idea.

i know many of you have been
making love and listening to death from above
but hot hot sex just makes so much more music in the room.
music is my favorite mistress.

dont ever get tired of being sexy.

mp3|cansei de ser sexymusic is my hot hot sex
mp3|cansei de ser sexyalala

alala burned the runways of tons of fashion shows.
cansei de ser sexy means tired of being sexy
if you are still clueless..

right-click on the link to the song and save as to download it.
[css myspace]