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Tuesday Double Cover: The Section Quartet

There is always a first for everything.
Including classical music featured here.
Or is it??

The Section Quartet are a group based in LA and they specialize in turning real good songs into classical quartet pieces.

They have done countless covers for the likes of The Clash, Coldplay, Queens of Stone Age and even the YYY’s.

I heard they got featured on Gossip Girl and chuck bass fans are looking all over for these.

MP3 | The Section Quartet – Time Is Running Out (Muse Cover)

MP3 | The Section Quartet – The Man Who Sold The World (David Bowie Cover)

The Section Quartet Website
The Section Quartet Myspace


tuesday double bowie. (part deux)

the man who sold the world.

emilie simon’s space oddity has stayed in our heads for ages but here are two more gems.

two for tuesday.

two for the ages.

MP3 | Seu Jorge – Life On Mars (David Bowie Cover) / (link 2)

MP3 | The Magnetic Fields – Heroes (David Bowie Cover) / (link 2)

Seu Jorge Myspace

The Magnetic Fields Myspace

tuesday double bowie. (part one)


You know Bowie is from outer space.

He came to earth to mesmerise us all.

His look, his swagger. Absolutely inimitable.

but today we are not gonna go on and on about the man on the vinyl cover.

We are goin in depth into why there is a pale, fat, disgusting pair of legs sticking out like a sore flaccid ..muscle behind it.

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