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Cobrastyle Remixed.

The original was done by Teddybears featuring Mad Cobra.

Cobrastyle was in fact a track which used riffs and elements of older songs that you might be familiar with including “Bomdigi” by Erick Sermon.

Robyn went on to do a cover of it in 2006 for her EP The Rakamonie.

The track itself, was so successful it has been featured in countless ad campaigns and TV shows.

MP3s after the jump.

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all switched on.

i’m all switched on and dont you dare miss the early sets by our very own local DJs.

zaidi & with dave is gonna rock your world.

Go down 26th april for this awesome event.

here’s a mini “switch” remix to keep you shaking.

switch also happens to the moniker for UK based DJ and producer also known as solid groove.

He has produced for tons of household names from M.I.A to Santogold and Lily Allen.

But watch out because there is an album he is currently producing with Diplo slated to be released this year!

Don’t hesitate to grab these tracks.

mp3|DJ Mehdi – I am somebody (Switch remix) / (zshare)

mp3|Mystery Jets – Hideaway (Switch remix) / (zshare)

mp3|The Chemical Brothers – Get yourself high (switch remix) / (zshare)

mp3|The Black Ghosts – Face (switch remix) / (zshare)

switch event website

switch DJ myspace


these punks are comin to local shores and rockin our shores tomorrow evening

joining them in the lineup is:

james murphy and pat mahoney (DFA / LCD Soundsystem)
and because uffie pulled out of the event….
there is steve aoki! (kid millionare)

ohhh stevie is gonna bring cinespace and much more to us.
its a party you cannot miss and i will be there to bask in all its glory.

see the latest lineup for zoukout 2007 here:

heres a dose of madness to get you ready—

mp3|LCD soundsystemget innocuous (soulwax edit)
mp3|Does it offend you, yeah?we are rockstars
mp3|Simian Mobile Disco – *** hustler (A-trak remix) ***
mp3|Hot Chip shake a fist (Diplo remix)
mp3|Teenagers starlett johansson (blamma! blamma! ‘scared of spiders’ mix)

its time to crunk your funk.

daft hands punk ass.

what you may not have seen.

kanye west at his finest hour.
being a little brat cause he didnt know who JUSTICE was.
an absolute disgrace. he may be riding on daft punks awesome music for now,
thats right, for now.
i have no hate for hip-hop or RnB artists or their music but i have a huge problem
with their pussy overblown dumbass egos.
it really makes me never wanna buy a record by them.

an excerpt of what he said:

!!!!! ” there is pamela Anderson in my clip of 1 million$” !!!!!
WOW awesome!

but enough with the complaining.
heres another awesome video called “daft fingers”
watch it after 1:00! nothing happens before that.

finally a real remix of harder, better, faster, stronger

AGAIN from the awesome DIPLO.

mp3|daft punk ft. diplowork is never over

work is never over.

Diplo is everywhere these days with his mixes of the big boys
from the pixies to yeah yeah yeahs and even justice
he’s just gettin into the game and killin’ us all with electricity in our veins.

heres a track to help you stick to the beat at work.
a wonderful wonderful rework of daft punk‘s harder better faster stronger
and remember its just monday goin on tues so our work is never really over.

mp3|Diplo ft. Daft Punkwork is never over