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mosaic madness.


mosaic mania is about to hit singapore in a few weeks and this years lineup
might not have the likes of jose gonzales but i have a few favorites
that really got me all excited.
when i said a few i actually meant quite a few.

go HERE to see the full lineup.

1. Múm


Múm is an experimental icelandic band
and they produce really light tender electronic beats
excellent to dream to and drift away to.

They will be performing at the concert hall on the 13th of march.

mp3|Múm- we have a map of the piano

Múm website
Múm myspace

2. The Bird and the Bee


Its not the first time im mentioning about the bird and the bee
and they are a favorite here at !tashed.

If i were to spend money to watch just one band besides BSS (below)
for the mosaic fest it would definitely be them.

They have recently released a new EP one too many hearts and its absolutely delightful.

Their cover of how deep is your love is really really good.

They will be playing at the theatre studio on the 12th of march.

mp3| The bird and the beeCome as you were

mp3| The bird and the beehow deep is your love (Bee Gees cover)

The bird and the bee website

The bird and the bee myspace

3. Fujiya & Miyagi


If you are goin into an electronic rage and madness,
This is where you should be headed to.

I will promise you will walk away from their performance chanting
fujiya miyagi, fujiya miyagi…..

Oh and they aren’t japanese but from the UK. Please watch them.
They will be performing on the 14th of march at the theatre studio.

mp3|Fujiya & MiyagiCollarbone

mp3|Fujiya & MiyagiAnkle injuries

F&M webpage
F&M myspace

4. Broken Social scene


What Broken Social Scene has done for indie, i cant even begin to explain.

They are not called a supergroup for nothing.
They are a collective, not just a band
and most of their members(19!) have their own personal projects.

Most notably, leslie feist who was nominated for a grammy recently-best new artist
(and lost to a crack head named amy winehouse)

They have produced so much its unbelievable.

catch them at the concert hall on the 9th of march.

mp3| BSSAnthems for a seventeen year old girl

mp3|Feistsealion (chromeo remix)

BSS website
BSS myspace

5. Sondre lerche


Sondre lerche is a norwegian folk artiste
who will most likely enchant you.
but dont take my words for it.

Hes the main man on the dan in real life soundtrack if you didnt know.

Hes playin on the 14th of march at the concert hall.

mp3|Sondre Lerchetragic mirror

mp3|Sondre Lerchehell no (with regina spektor)

Sondre lerche website
Sondre lerche myspace



ok sasquatch music festival is just insane.
look at the view those minions are gonna get!they call it the gorge.the lineup is…spectacular.
spoon,dandy warhols,arcade fire,grizzly bear,the blow,
aqueduct,interpol,the slip,two gallants,beastie boys,tokyo police club…..
omg its like coachella or better..
and why do i complain about asia?
this is why.
next yr…im def goin.

and since its gonna be monday i’m gonna give you a reminder on feist.
with her new album the reminder out april 23rd, it looks like shes gonna cement herself as one of those.
those with albums you actually bother anticipating for.
let it die
was soo good she doesnt need to prove anything but you know the greats keep at it.
and i’m gonna give you a preview from the new nice.

feistmy man, my moon
bright eyesmushaboom (live feist cover)

whenever i hear the bird and the bee they remind me a
lil bit of feist/the hush sound/jenny lewis and the lalala band kind.a friend of mine coined that term and i dont know how to describe it but yeah it really hits the spot.the albums self-titled and its really really good for afternoons and wishin for sunshine.
the bird refers to greg kurstin and the bee is inara george.remember fools in love?yup its her.greg has helped in producing albums for the likes of lily allen,beck,flaming lips and more so you can expect something outta him.

the bird and the beei’m a broken heart
the bird and the beei hate camera (rec’d)

i have stopped using yousendit.hope its better now.
you can even listen to the song before downloading!

good vibes is all about you

so we went to good vibrations.and it was one hell of a party.
really really really good vibes.
cicada melted me and cut copy absolutely blew us away.
the electro ran through our veins and we danced like we belonged.
cicada was already in constant rotation but now cut copys all time.
our hearts were on fire and they definitely reached out to us that night.
then the beastie boys showed and they were the beastie boys.
intergalactic came and we went with no sleep till was nuts..

so heres some stuff we heard at good vibes.

cut copys from melbourne, australia and we didnt know what to expect but
im pretty sure everyone who went agreed they were insane.
hearts on fire and time stands still are from their album bright like neon lights.
stage presence was 5 outta 5.

cut copyhearts on fire
cut copytime stands still

for me i went there thinking it was all about cicada.
icelandic vocalist heidrun björnsdottir(formerly from gus gus)
have previously done remixes for depeche mode, new order and the editors.
its electro dance dance dance dance popp.
oooh someone save me shes givin me the excitations.

cicadaall about you
cicadathings you say

and heres the beach boys who gave everyone good vibes
beach boysgood vibrations
i cant get rid of the vibes.please let it stay.