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just one track for this fine friday evening.

These party animals call themselves Designer Drugs and they need your attention.

SEX UP MY BRAIN is a remix of Queen Of War‘s track “Oh Machine“.

It will take you to wherever you wanna go.

>> MP3 | Designer Drugs – Sex Up My Brain


friday i’m in love with FAKE BLOOD.



From fake rumours about Fake Blood being Boy 8-Bit to his banging signature sound.

This is pure electro on crack.

His tracks really pound the dancefloor and this newcomer is probably the hottest producer of the moment.

He went straight into the meaty pie and did massive tracks.

friday i’m really in love.

All tracks are at 320.

mp3 | The Black Ghosts – Any Way (Fake Blood Remix) / (MF)

mp3 | Bonde Do Role – Gasolina (Fake Blood Remix) / (MF)

mp3 | Unkle – Restless (Fake Blood Remix) / (MF)

The Unkle track is of the highest highest rec.

FAKE BLOOD myspace

friday i’m in love with THE FAINT.

The Faint was and still is one of those bands with such a unique sound no one can copy.

I am a HUUGE fan of their previous albums which happened to not have much hype previously but got the critics waxing lyrical.

They have kept up the standard over the past few albums with their brand of dancey music and they took this a step further by releasing it independently on their own label this time (blank.wav records) after leaving saddle creek records.

They have got a new album out this week in US called Fasciination and having heard it I must say its The Faint at their best once again.

Dance/New Wave bands seldom sound this awesome.

I’m giving all you guys a really really mad remix of their single by Does it offend you yeah?

You have no idea what you are getting yourself into.

These geeks got it bloody bloody right.

mp3 | The Faint – The geeks were right / (MF)

mp3 | The Faint – The geeks were right (DIOYY remix) / (MF)

mp3 | The Faint – Fulcrum and lever / (MF)

Fun fact: Conor Oberst of Bright Eyes used to be part of The Faint!

The Faint website

The Faint myspace

The Faint album

friday i’m in love with Van She Tech.

Van She Technologic are remixes done by 2 members of Van She who are coincidentally coming tonight for beatnik picnic @ smu green.

Its a free concert so haul your ass down there.

Their remixes are seriously no jokin matter.

Staple diet for craving and raving.

Here’s 2 remixes of two older but still insane tracks.

we could be a sweet team, melting in your vice dreams.

mp3|Feist – 1234 (Van She Tech remix) / (zshare)

mp3|NYPC – Ice Cream (Van She Tech remix) / (zshare)

Van She website

Van She Tech myspace

Van She ‘V’ album + tee shirt

friday i’m in love with van she.

van she is from australia.

van she is on modular recordings.

van she is coming to singapore on the 25th of July for beatnik picnic.

foaming once again.

they are FIT. absolutely fit for a friday night.

new album ‘V’ out in august so watch out for it

heres ‘cat and the eye’ from their upcoming album

mp3|Van She – Cat and the eye (Van She tech remix)

mp3|Van She – Sex city (Teenagers remix) / (zshare)

van she website

van she myspace

van she album + tee shirt

friday im in love with shinichi osawa.

honestly, i didnt know much about shinichi osawa aka mondo grosso up till last year.

He wasn’t on my hit list and i sorta ignored his presence.

I am just glad I did not continue ignoring him.

He’s been nothin short of awesome and is a massive japanese artist who is well known all over
and his mixes of digitalism to felix da housecat have turned heads over and over again.

so are you gonna let him be the one? just get his album. its ridiculously good.

enjoy. it is electrolust.

note: the cover of the chemical brothers song star guitar with au revoir simone is off the hook.

mp3|shinichi osawa – electro411 / (zshare)

mp3|the whip – blackout (shinichi osawa remix) / (zshare)

mp3|shinichi osawa – star guitar (ft. Au Revoir Simone) / (zshare)

shinichi osawa website

shinichi osawa myspace

shinichi osawa album

friday i’m in love with gameboy/gamegirl.

GAMEBOY/GAMEGIRL is made up of 3 party animals from melbourne australia.

having local beatmaker miami horror to help them and man the decks while they MC, they have some insane electro beats with downright dirty sounds.

this week they are our FIL fave.

wanna know how i’d describe them?


get sweaty wet/dirty damp to know why.

mp3|GAMEBOY/GAMEGIRL – Sweaty wet/dirty damp / (zshare)

mp3|GAMEBOY/GAMEGIRL – Sweaty wet/dirty damp (G.L.O.V.E.S. RMX) / (zshare)