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Hot Chip touch too much

Hot Chip were one of the big boys who released their album real early this year.
You would think that they would slow down their presence to the world by now, with the hype from the album dying down.
With remixes from LA Riots to Soulwax and Switch, there are few bands which get bigger than this.

Its almost the end of the year now, but they just can’t stop smacking their music in my face.
And you know what? I still can’t get enough. I want MORE.

>>MP3s after the jump.

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Little Boots Meddling with the dancefloor.

Were you stuck on repeat previously?

I know i was.

Little Boots is back to mess with your heart and your mind.

She has a new single meddle out now! And its amazing.

I remember all the times she got me stuck on repeat.

she is sick.

mp3 | Little Boots – Meddle / (Mediafire)

mp3 | Little Boots – Ready for the floor (Hot Chip Cover) / (Mediafire)

mp3 | Little Boots – Computer Fairyland Mixtape

Little Boots Myspace

Hot Chip: Made in the dark


In this day and age of fleeting and short-lived bursts of attention
hoarded on bands and music in general, hot chip defies logic.

Pop never seemed to gain back its credibility
as a genre of gravitas since the split of the fab four.

But Hot Chip’s moment is here and they are trying in their own way
to re-express pop as a genre of good sense and actually good music.

They are a hybrid in their own terms,
blending electro and dancefloor pop with ease.

Their latest album cements them as a group which not only
transcends the fickleness of the hoi polloi,
but also the band which gave us the first massive pop single of 2008.

Now, get ready for the floor.

mp3|hot chipmade in the dark

mp3|hot chipready for the floor

mp3|hot chipready for the floor (soulwax dub)

hot chip myspace

hot chip website


these punks are comin to local shores and rockin our shores tomorrow evening

joining them in the lineup is:

james murphy and pat mahoney (DFA / LCD Soundsystem)
and because uffie pulled out of the event….
there is steve aoki! (kid millionare)

ohhh stevie is gonna bring cinespace and much more to us.
its a party you cannot miss and i will be there to bask in all its glory.

see the latest lineup for zoukout 2007 here:

heres a dose of madness to get you ready—

mp3|LCD soundsystemget innocuous (soulwax edit)
mp3|Does it offend you, yeah?we are rockstars
mp3|Simian Mobile Disco – *** hustler (A-trak remix) ***
mp3|Hot Chip shake a fist (Diplo remix)
mp3|Teenagers starlett johansson (blamma! blamma! ‘scared of spiders’ mix)

its time to crunk your funk.

friday i’m in love: remixed

the NEW single by none other than kings of electro-pop hot chip.
call them indietronica or electro-pop..they are pure genius in my eyes and my oh my they have got a new single up their pits.
its in the hot chip vein as usual and incredibly synthful.

mp3|hot chipshake a fist

remember to get their insane album coming on strong here.

this is a weekend remix i tried posting the past 2 days but something was wrong with blogger.

mp3|CSS-lets make love and listen to death from above (calvin harris remix)
mp3|justice-phantom II (soulwax nite version)
mp3|peter, bjorn and john vs amy winehouse-young folks in rehab (dj topcat remix)
mp3|twistawell its time (ft. kanye west) (FEIST sampler)

what is happening! why is twista and kanye on my site?
you should know my “penchant” for hip-hop…
buttttt this is a feist sample, yes get it right
a feist sampler of her song gatekeeper.

remember to get her album the reminder here.

last but not incredible discotronic rave mix by
a local dj called inquisitive and you can DL it right here.

mix|dj inquisitivediscotronic rave mix

the pops!!!

its the effin pops this saturday@thebutterfactory‘s ART BAR!
its saturday..its saturday!
come on down without your bloody makeup
i swear we dont need your artificial arty attitude
its time we all have a bloody awesome night
heres a teaser for the night
we all need to go for rehab

mp3|amy winehouserehab (hot chip remix)

part deux for springtime will kill you
will come in the next few days so watch out for it!

one night to be confused

so many people telling you one many people tellin you to stay?
its friday.
give yourself one night to be confused, one night to speed up truth.
these are the words of scandinavian poets erlend oye & jose gonzalez.
jose gonzalez
is gonna wash up on our shores come march with the mosaic music fest.
that song heartbeats.i can’t even begin to describe it..he just sounds so damn vulnerable i feel it too.
it was also the song for a sony bravia advert.
erlend oye is from kings of covenience and whitest boy alive is his electronic side project and they named their genre as disco house but they are not purely electro or indie pop.its an excellent hybrid.these 2 can really garner some scandinavian lovin’.

whitest boy aliveburning(from album dreams)

jose gonzalezheartbeats(from album veneer)

i personally love hybrid bands such as hot chip with their electro-indie stance but sometimes we get electro that is smooth as honaye.incredibly easy to listen to.this group is called honeycut and the day i heard them i turned to glass.superb for friday nights.

honeycutthe day i turned to glass

btw the first photo is from the same photographer of