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Murder Mystery: Are You Ready For The Heartache Cause Here It Comes

Hi there! Here is some upbeat, yet sappy songs by Murder Mystery from their latest album with a really long title, “Are You Ready For The Heartache Cause Here It Comes“. Hope you guys like it.

mp3 Murder Mystery-Love Astronaut
mp3 Murder Mystery-Honey Come Home

sunday sounds: the silent generation

the hiatus was unnecessary.
but look whats back!?

the always refreshing sunday sounds.
that picture you see up there, its in the same vein as their music and they are an excellent indie-pop band

really good for sundays and coffee and lazing and doin nothin and lightness.
enjoy the two stellar tracks off their album and please purchase it.

its worth every single penny.

album|the silent generation by the dimes

mp3|the dimescatch me jumping

mp3|the dimesthe silent generation

get their album on itunes and record stores come december 11th mates.

the dimes myspace

sunday sounds: ferraby lionheart

when ferraby lionheart sings, i honestly feel there is a crack in time.
sundays don’t sound better than his music.
there are flighty pleasures involved with his melodies
but everyone knows the timbre of his voice completes the sound.

words dont do him justice.
he is one of those who you find out about
and wish he could be your lovely little secret
but after a while ive come to realize..
not sharing ferraby with the rest of the world is
a terrible sin.

he is the reason why there are people like me doing what we do
going out and actually finding music that makes my red meat heart beat.
he has as tender a sound as you can find..
i absolutely dig ferraby.

his first full length album ‘catch the brass ring‘ was out on sept 4th..
before that he had an EP i was so mighty attracted to, i hid him from you guys.

album|catch the brass ring
mp3|ferraby lionheart-
small planet

album|ferraby lionheart (self-titled EP)
mp3|ferraby lionheart-a crack in time
mp3|ferraby lionheart-the ballad of gus and sam
(download these two or you might never live right again)

video|ferraby lionheart-a crack in time
(watch this)
tell me if any of you can think of anything sweeter than a young man dancing with an old lady.

i implore you to get his album from insound

holdin on to the cracks in our foundation

i swear kate nash is ‘lily allen meets the streets‘.
i really hate comparing artists but this one really hits the spot.

she is indie-pop at its finest..a perfectly ‘radio-friendly’ track.
really really easy on the ears and i just know that
shes gonna be big worldwide in no time so look out for her
the brit accent makes her even more twee.

download foundations because its of of those rare songs with sad lyrics
but a happy tune to go along. shes already getting airtime on poptart so
dont forget to get the album here.

album|made of bricks
mp3|kate nashfoundations

sunday sounds: taken by trees

taken by trees is the solo project by victoria bergsman who was formerly
the lead singer of a personal favourite band the concretes.
the concretes used to make the most wonderful indie-pop gems
that sounded really happy and joyous like no other band.

It was really sad to hear victoria making the decision to leave the concretes
for good..her incredible vocals really completed the band.
however shes an intensely private individual who felt that she could
only create art better on her own rather than being in a band.(read the interview here)

open field is the first album from her project taken by trees
and theres much more melancholy to the album than when she was
with the concretes but its really still about her voice…
its that special and unforgettable.

you can listen to the rest of her album here but
please purchase her album here. its definitely worth it.

album|open field
mp3|taken by treeslost & found
mp3|taken by treestoo young
video|taken by treeslost & found

you should grow up with a strong heartbeat, to follow you when your moments are of fear and solitude.

sweetness, sweetness never suits me

i dont know of anyone who doesn’t like stars
this canadian indie pop band exudes melodrama
with every beat.
its really heavy stuff..not the music
but their intent.
listen to each track a couple of times
and you might get what i mean
it actually grows on you.

enjoy their upcoming albumits delicious.
album|in our bedroom after the war
mp3|starsmidnight coward
mp3|starsthe night starts here

album|do you trust your friends
mp3|starssleep tonight (junior boys remix)

sunday sounds: jenny oh jenny

im tryin to put a sound to sundays.
sundays are so awesome it never seems to last.
so the music is for you to remininsce over all
the orangy sundays you have ever had.

well this is jenny lewis.
no shes not the girl next door.
shes the jenny of rilo kiley
and the jenny who has an album with
the watson twins which i absolutely
love to bits.
she doesnt make music i listen to everyday
but when i listen to it i wish everday
could be like her music.

album|rabbit fur coat (with the watson twins)
mp3|jenny lewisrabbit fur coat
mp3|jenny lewismelt your heart

this album will be out in the next few weeks
over at the united states and kingdom.
enjoy a preview..

album|under the blacklight
mp3|rilo kileysilver lining

lets get tashed.