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tuesday double cover: teardrop

mp3|Jose Gonzalez – Teardrop (Massive Attack cover) / (zshare)

mp3|Elbow – Teardrop (Massive Attack Cover) / (zshare)

Massive Attack‘s teardrop is one of those tracks you just know will hold a place in history.

But with these 2 covers, it reiterated and sealed its fate as a cult track.

Enjoy them.

Remember to get elbow’s recently released album, the seldom seen kid.

Its awesome.

jose gonzalez [website] [myspace]

elbow [website] [myspace]


thursday madness: hot.hawt.haughty.

i know this site isnt as updated as i wish it could be
but im trying to make up for it with a certain kind of madness.
this post is for you to grab, grope and find your way
to the latest massive indie records that have been released recently.
its terrible treating them like that.
they all actually deserve a post each.

iron and wine is divine as usual. no qualms about it. they really are the standard.

album|the sheperd’s dog
mp3|iron and wine
boy with a coin
mp3|iron and winecarousel

a new EP from the always incandescent Karen O

album|isis (EP)
mp3|yeah yeah yeahs-
10 x 10

jose in his element as usual killing for love.

album|in our nature
mp3|jose gonzalez-
down the line
mp3|jose gonzalez- killing for love

album|asleep at heaven’s gate
mp3|rogue wave-
lake michigan

a real radio-friendly popper, this one.

album|once upon a time in the west
can’t get along (without you)

melancholy never felt so close and distant at the same time before.
one of my favorite bands.

album|beyond the neighbourhood
mp3|athlete- airport disco

tuesday double cover.

mp3|jose gonzalezlove will tear us apart(joy division cover)

mp3|athletelucy in the sky with diamonds(beatles cover)

Both of them have new albums and both of them have covers of the greats.
this is a teaser to the preview of their new albums which will come right up.
and do not expect a cover of umbrella anytime soon
even though a coupla excellent musicians covered it lately.

Buy it at Insound!

different heartbeats

jets on a tour and they are landing right here in june or so.
why dont i sound excited?
they were a really good band when i heard them the first time.
they still are.

but why the apprehension?
i think i respect iggy pop too much to like jet.
now what in the world am i ranting about?

listen to the two songs im gonna post..
is it a case of a shameless ripoff?
did iggy sanction a half-cover?
or is jets producer lacking in brains and testicles..

yeah if im iggy pop, i’d punch the producers for jets album
and flash at jets concert.arseholes.
i believe iggy can kick the living ass outta jet physically.even now.

it was the song which shot jet to fame.
which makes it even harder to swallow.
i like them.
just not how they think.

well iggys face says it all.

mp3|iggy poplust for life
|jetare you gonna be my girl

oh c’mon stop with all the harsh words.
they probably got the same heartbeat
just like jose gonzalez and the knife.

a remix of the knife and jose
for heartbeats!
im effin serious.
and its really good!

mp3|the knife vs jose gonzalezheartbeats (remix)

one night to be confused

so many people telling you one many people tellin you to stay?
its friday.
give yourself one night to be confused, one night to speed up truth.
these are the words of scandinavian poets erlend oye & jose gonzalez.
jose gonzalez
is gonna wash up on our shores come march with the mosaic music fest.
that song heartbeats.i can’t even begin to describe it..he just sounds so damn vulnerable i feel it too.
it was also the song for a sony bravia advert.
erlend oye is from kings of covenience and whitest boy alive is his electronic side project and they named their genre as disco house but they are not purely electro or indie pop.its an excellent hybrid.these 2 can really garner some scandinavian lovin’.

whitest boy aliveburning(from album dreams)

jose gonzalezheartbeats(from album veneer)

i personally love hybrid bands such as hot chip with their electro-indie stance but sometimes we get electro that is smooth as honaye.incredibly easy to listen to.this group is called honeycut and the day i heard them i turned to glass.superb for friday nights.

honeycutthe day i turned to glass

btw the first photo is from the same photographer of