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baby 81

BRMC is the epitome of heavy psychedelic garage rock.
Their 4th studio album named ‘baby 81
is here to infuse rock back into your bones.
As heavy as they may be they have this
slight bluesy sound which has become less evident
but is still a huge factor which makes them more
unique than most rock bands.
Their previous album ‘howl’ was a stripped down
BRMC sound and ‘baby 81‘ brings BRMC back in full force
while reminding us of the reason
for their previously massive hype.

mp3|black rebel motorcycle clublien on your dreams
mp3|black rebel motorcycle clubberlin

from howl:
mp3|black rebel motorcycle clubweight of the world

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the boy with no name

according to chris martin,
travis is the reason coldplay exists today.

besides lauding them for the existence
and emergence of the plethora
of sappy soft rock bands such as keane
and most recently snow patrol,
you really got to appreciate their music
sans the widespread distaste
at their ability to allow melancholy
to creep into people’s heads…
rendering them sad and helpless.

album #5 took 4 years to arrive and
it was well worth the wait and anticipation.
the boy with no name showcases travis at its best
and it definitely proves consistency in retaining
their niche sound while reaching out
to both mainstream and indie fans.

mellow tracks such as ‘closer’ and ‘big chair’ manages to soften the
hardest heart while others such as ‘my eyes’ shows the evolution in
their sound which is in fact very easy to swallow.

all of you are gonna hear ‘closer’ till you puke
so heres 2 others off the album

mp3|travisbig chair

get it here.

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some loud thunder

it seems like the lead vocalist alec ounsworth of
clap your hands say yeah
has someone grabbing his balls while he sings
but in actual fact his voice grabs you instantly.

it may not appeal to you immediately
but its not surprising that their dark emotion-filled music
is so infectious even david bowie is an admirer.

while most sophomore albums disappoint,
some loud thunder does not stray from
making music which startles, trips and steals your soul.
incredible stuff.

just dont compare it to the first album.that was pure genius.
take your time with this album and for once,
the hype is not just about the hype.

perfect for undercurrents of heavy heavy emotion
where gravitas and not fleeting cheap thrills is desired.

clap your hands say yeahlove song no.7clap your hands say yeahyankee go home

from the first self-titled album which stunned everyone…

clap your hands say yeahdetails of the war
clap your hands say yeahover and over again(lost and found)


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apples in stereo on a sunday afternoon

if it were up to the apples in stereo
the world is made of energy.
songs like these really make your day.

but dont think for one moment they are your regular sunshine indie-pop band.
with a name like apples in stereo i dont blame you for the confusion.

classified as powerpop/psychedelic, they can really perk you up and feed your inner demons at the same time.

they have 10 songs which are less than a minute in between which really shows their mutiple yet exciting personas.
this also explains why they have 24 songs on the album.a rarity these days.

dont worry theres quality with the quantity.

apples in stereoenergy
apples in stereojoanie don’t you worry

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