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friday i’m in love with Van She Tech.

Van She Technologic are remixes done by 2 members of Van She who are coincidentally coming tonight for beatnik picnic @ smu green.

Its a free concert so haul your ass down there.

Their remixes are seriously no jokin matter.

Staple diet for craving and raving.

Here’s 2 remixes of two older but still insane tracks.

we could be a sweet team, melting in your vice dreams.

mp3|Feist – 1234 (Van She Tech remix) / (zshare)

mp3|NYPC – Ice Cream (Van She Tech remix) / (zshare)

Van She website

Van She Tech myspace

Van She ‘V’ album + tee shirt


friday i’m in love with van she.

van she is from australia.

van she is on modular recordings.

van she is coming to singapore on the 25th of July for beatnik picnic.

foaming once again.

they are FIT. absolutely fit for a friday night.

new album ‘V’ out in august so watch out for it

heres ‘cat and the eye’ from their upcoming album

mp3|Van She – Cat and the eye (Van She tech remix)

mp3|Van She – Sex city (Teenagers remix) / (zshare)

van she website

van she myspace

van she album + tee shirt

friday i’m in love with the bumblebeez.

who the hell are the bumblebeez???


another modular genius act?

an amalgamation of rock and *gasp* hip-hop ??

tick all the above.

one year ago these kids gave us their track Dr. Love and a video i love to bits.

see below.

They now have a mad mix by the ed banger crew and its off the hook.

As if opening for radiohead previously wasn’t enough hype, they upped the ante with recent stellar remixes.

honestly, i seldom slant toward the hip-hop genre unless its something really different (W.A.L.E, cee-lo etc)

its just a personal preference. dont take it too seriously.

this time its really different. they are more than special.

oh and drop by their website. its insanely rad.

mp3|the bumblebeez – Dr. Love (Crookers remix) / (zshare)

mp3|the bumblebeez – Pump up the bass (Ed Rec all stars dirty mix) / (zshare)


a song about maria sharapova. im not kidding.

mp3|soft tigers – M.A.R.I.A (Bumblebeez remix) / (zshare)

the bumblebeez website

the bumblebeez myspace

the bumblebeeez album

martina topley bird & van she.

Martina Topley Bird has been revered as one of brit pop’s greatest mavericks.
Her voice is even said to act as a celestial foil to the blunted genius of music.

She returns with her new album on the 12th of may titled ‘the blue god

While you might think with the number of people she has worked with, music seems more like a hobby to her.

On the contrary, its more of finding the right people to work with at the right time,
showing off her creative zenith as a true chameleon of pop.

This time shes been workin with the it crowd..van she to the officers and after a listen
you will understand.

van she(modular) has turned her single into a hypnotic track which can make anyone appreciate electro-house tracks.

mp3|Martina Topley Bird – Poison (Van she mix) / (zshare)

martina topley bird website

martina topley bird myspace