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Tape Song // See The Light

This is the latest video from The Kills of their track ‘Tape Song‘, from their album, Midnight Boom which was released earlier this year. It was let go last week by domino records on youtube and you ask why people absolutely adore them when no band out there is even half as beautifully warped as them.

It contains footage of the band while they were touring in US with The Raconteurs.

This video is of The Hours with their latest track, See The Light.
It is a short film in its own right i swear.

Directed by Tony Kaye (American History X), with the art direction by Damien Hirst and featuring Sienna Miller, this film is not as disturbing as i though it would be. But it definitely stunned me and left me in awe.




CHANGE has come to America.

22 riveting months.

FIVE for fighting.

MP3 | Coldplay – We Never Change

MP3 | John Mayer – Waiting On The World To Change

MP3 | Sam Cooke – A Change Is Gonna Come

MP3 | The Lightning Seeds – Change

MP3 | Seu Jorge – Changes

saturday shoegaze with m83.

shoegaze needs your time.

shoegaze always needs time.

shoegaze makes you think. experiment, feel, touch and imagine.

Of the present, the future, and definitely in retrospect.

shoegaze is not music you listen to when you are fiery, agitated or impatient.

Its music to be appreciated when you feel like embracing and nestling in the world and life you dont quite get at times.

And in more recent times, the shoegaze m83 have been producing is magic.

Yes. Magic… Amazing. Spectacular.

Graveyard girl video

Saturdays = Youth is the latest offering by m83 which was released by mute records this week.

This album is definitely the easiest to appreciate as it is less experimental, more poppy and has more of a shoegaze feel. But dont deny them of their past work as many have overlooked. This new album just happens to be in a direction that will allow more people to get them.

Remember, take your time with m83 and you will adore them to bits.

mp3|m83 – Graveyard girl / (zshare)

mp3|m83 – Kim & Jessie / (zshare)


mp3|Placebo – Protege moi (m83 remix) / (zshare)

mp3|Goldfrapp – Black cherry (m83 remix) / (zshare)

m83 website

m83 myspace


Portishead – ‘Third’.

Portishead with their 3rd album named….Third.

It has been been 10 years.

I was a pre-pubescent teen the last time these legends of trip-hop came out with a new album.

Since then its been mere glimpses, from their solo pursuits to covering the serge gainsbourg along the way.

With such a faint and numbing feel to them, its hard to imagine them straying too far from what has brought them such critical acclaim.

Yet, third seems to stem from a separate vein from their first 2 records dummy and portishead.

The image of trip-hop and the musical landscape, with fickle preferences of the people have evolved tremendously over the decade and i dont think you can expect any band to produce the same vibrations after such a long period of time.

Well, its not that Portishead was one to clamor for praise and hope for mainstream loving, but third has definitely shown their evolution thus far.

Portishead have never failed to produce dark, dirty, desolate imagery, with time practically coming to a standstill. Even with a decade of evolution and a different sound, they still manage to do that to me with most tracks from third.

And i applaud them for their ability to produce such an intense vibe with different strokes.

Its been a while and i’m grateful they are back.

‘right-click and save as…‘ or use the zshare link to grab the songs.


mp3|Portishead – Nylon Smile / (zshare)

mp3|Portishead – Hunter / (zshare)

Portishead website

Portishead myspace

sellout. music is my hot hot sex.

im a sellout only because i feel like the photo above.

heres the song many of you have been looking for.

all because it was used for the apple commercial.

im tired of being sexy.

mp3|CSS music is my hot hot sex