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Ingrid Michaelson – Be Ok

Ingrid Michaelson is back with a sophomore effort.
Rolling Stone mag gave her a bad review, others scoffed at her for taking a step back from her mercurial rise.
So whats the truth?

This album is basically a collection of covers, live recordings and new songs. And with a portion of the sales for this album being donated to the Stand Up To Cancer campaign, it seems like this album is her way of giving back.

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Passion Pit – Chunk Of Change

Passion Pit
is the brainchild of Michael Angelakos.

Although it was named after a 1980s skin flick, he originally created this piece of genius as a Valentine’s day gift to his girlfriend. He figured other people might like it too, so he made more copies for friends and people in the same college.

Having notched up rave reviews and even dubbed as the ‘next MGMT‘, this EP shows great promise with both explosive and melodic qualities.

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The audacity to hope, the capacity to vote.

  • Chicago Sun-Times (05.11.08)

I don’t normally do this, but hey it was used in the incredible campaign of change, broadcasted at official rallies all over the country, and even featured on the Barack Obama website.

Times like these, it takes someone, something special.

The song may sound corny at first, but dont the most quotable quotes in life sound like that?

It is slanted toward the hip-hop genre with Detroit star MIKE-E at the helm and we can’t say no if something like that is asked to be featured here.

In honour and celebration of President elect Obama‘s historic victory, we here at tashed present you with a song which was created in support of the unbelievable campaign.

MP3 | MIKE-E >> Everything Will Be All Right (The Obama Remix)

More info on MIKE-E


just one track for this fine friday evening.

These party animals call themselves Designer Drugs and they need your attention.

SEX UP MY BRAIN is a remix of Queen Of War‘s track “Oh Machine“.

It will take you to wherever you wanna go.

>> MP3 | Designer Drugs – Sex Up My Brain


These boys known as Friendly Fires met in school and formed a band at a fine young age of 14.

Back then, they used to be a post-hardcore outfit.

They have grown and matured over the years, progressing to the sounds of today..which is essentially a good mix of everything.

They are inspired by pop, lush shoegaze melodies, disco house and dance.

MP3s after the jump.

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Justice – Planisphere Remixed

Justice did a mix for Dior Homme S/S 09′ fashion show called Planisphere and many sites posted the mix in 4 different parts.

MP3s after the jump.

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Cobrastyle Remixed.

The original was done by Teddybears featuring Mad Cobra.

Cobrastyle was in fact a track which used riffs and elements of older songs that you might be familiar with including “Bomdigi” by Erick Sermon.

Robyn went on to do a cover of it in 2006 for her EP The Rakamonie.

The track itself, was so successful it has been featured in countless ad campaigns and TV shows.

MP3s after the jump.

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