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break teeth.

-photo by thecobrasnake

Don’t go breaking your teeth trying to find the latest tracks.

They are here.

The most anticipated albums with the tracks which will steal your soul.

mp3|Spiritualized – soul on fire / (zshare)
Spiritualized website / myspace

mp3|Ladytron – Ghosts / (zshare)
Ladytron website / myspace

mp3|Wolf Parade – Call it a ritual / (zshare)
Wolf Parade website / myspace

mp3|Santogold – L.E.S Artistes / (zshare)
Santogold myspace

pre-order them albums before the world does here.

saturday shoegaze with m83.

shoegaze needs your time.

shoegaze always needs time.

shoegaze makes you think. experiment, feel, touch and imagine.

Of the present, the future, and definitely in retrospect.

shoegaze is not music you listen to when you are fiery, agitated or impatient.

Its music to be appreciated when you feel like embracing and nestling in the world and life you dont quite get at times.

And in more recent times, the shoegaze m83 have been producing is magic.

Yes. Magic… Amazing. Spectacular.

Graveyard girl video

Saturdays = Youth is the latest offering by m83 which was released by mute records this week.

This album is definitely the easiest to appreciate as it is less experimental, more poppy and has more of a shoegaze feel. But dont deny them of their past work as many have overlooked. This new album just happens to be in a direction that will allow more people to get them.

Remember, take your time with m83 and you will adore them to bits.

mp3|m83 – Graveyard girl / (zshare)

mp3|m83 – Kim & Jessie / (zshare)


mp3|Placebo – Protege moi (m83 remix) / (zshare)

mp3|Goldfrapp – Black cherry (m83 remix) / (zshare)

m83 website

m83 myspace


Infadels Live.

The Infadels are coming to town on the 26th of April @ thebutterfactory

for their monthly monster of a party switch if you haven’t heard.

Known for insane, pumping live shows. I dont think i can wait any longer.

I’m kinda sad they are just playin a DJ set here in Singapore but its still a pleasure to have them performing here.

I dont think you should wait till the 26th to feel them so here’s a mix they passed to me.

The tracklist:


1. Infadels Are Dead
2. Infadels – Can’t Get Enough (Kriss Menace Remix)
3. Etienne De Crecy – Funk
4. Sons & Daughters – Killer (The Whip Remix)
5. Utah Saints – Something Good (Van She Tech Mix)
6. Simian Mobile Disco – Hustler vs Layla
7. Digitalism – Idealistic (Hystereo Rebrand – Infadels Edit)
8. Trip – Who’s That? (Jack Beats Remix)
9. Liquid – Sweet Harmony (Street Life DJ’s Remix)
10. The Wildchild Experience – Bring It On Down
11. Fischerspooner – The Best Revenge (Alex Gopher Remix)
12. Simian Mobile Disco – 3 Pin Din
13. Alex Metric – Pins (No Good) – Infadels Bootleg
14. A.Human – Black Moon (Dr Strangelove Remix)
15. Infadels – Make Mistakes Remix
16. Britney Spears – Gimme More DatA (Infadels Bootleg)
17. Hot Chip – Ready For Vanilla Ice
18. Reverend & The Makers – The Machine (Infadels DJ’s Remix)
19. Technotronic – Get Up (Unknown Remix)

mp3|infadels – Infadels DJ Mix

Its just in time for their new album universe in reverse slated to be released in June.

if you need more more more, go here for more downloads from their previous albums and DJ mash-ups.

And finally, if you are running low on the moolah but still have an intense desire to see them live go to the switch website and join them on facebook or mailing list to get invites!

switch website

Infadels website

Infadels myspace

Portishead – ‘Third’.

Portishead with their 3rd album named….Third.

It has been been 10 years.

I was a pre-pubescent teen the last time these legends of trip-hop came out with a new album.

Since then its been mere glimpses, from their solo pursuits to covering the serge gainsbourg along the way.

With such a faint and numbing feel to them, its hard to imagine them straying too far from what has brought them such critical acclaim.

Yet, third seems to stem from a separate vein from their first 2 records dummy and portishead.

The image of trip-hop and the musical landscape, with fickle preferences of the people have evolved tremendously over the decade and i dont think you can expect any band to produce the same vibrations after such a long period of time.

Well, its not that Portishead was one to clamor for praise and hope for mainstream loving, but third has definitely shown their evolution thus far.

Portishead have never failed to produce dark, dirty, desolate imagery, with time practically coming to a standstill. Even with a decade of evolution and a different sound, they still manage to do that to me with most tracks from third.

And i applaud them for their ability to produce such an intense vibe with different strokes.

Its been a while and i’m grateful they are back.

right-click and save as…‘ or use the zshare link to grab the songs.


mp3|Portishead – Nylon Smile / (zshare)

mp3|Portishead – Hunter / (zshare)

Portishead website

Portishead myspace

CASXIO and their 4 track EP.

CASXIO is back with a spanking new 4 track EP.

Having caused mayhem at SXSW and messed with the world famous viper room not too long ago, they are slowly but surely gonna annihilate the U.S. one music club at a time.

we heard their incredible single seventeen previously.

SO…if you are up for it. their 4 track EP is up for a download at their site.

grab it. now. now.

and if you aren’t convinced, listen to boiling point.

mp3|CASXIO – boiling point

mp3|CASXIO – seventeen

CASXIO website

CASXIO myspace

new albums. (re-post)


jarvis is smelling the heat.

new albums are flippin’ out.
take note and buy them all.

most are unreleased and you get a sniff and a whiff
so you take it all in and puff till you exhaust them.



album| the seldom seen kid

mp3|elbow- Grounds for divorce (radio rip)
mp3|elbow-The fix

British Sea Power








album|do you like rock music?

mp3|British Sea Power- Waving flags
mp3|British Sea PowerNo Lucifer



album| a mad and faithful telling

mp3| Devotchka- Tranlisterator
mp3| Devotchka- Undone



album| Seventh Tree

mp3|Goldfrapp- A&E
mp3|Goldfrapp- Little bird

El Perro Del Mar


album| from the valley to the stars

mp3|El perro del mar- How did we forget
mp3|El perro del mar-From the valley to the stars

Xiu Xiu


album|women as lovers

mp3|Xiu Xiu- I do what i want when i want
mp3|Xiu Xiu- Black keyboard

Gnarls Barkley


album|the odd couple

mp3|Gnarls Barkley-Run

get all these albums here:

Buy it at Insound!

Lights & Music Remixed.


The previous time i tried to post about Cut Copy, Modular came running a running by and halted me as their latest album ‘In ghost colours‘ wasn’t released yet.

Now that its been released, you get to enjoy the remixes in all its glory.

The Superdiscount remix deserves an extra mention for its wonderful start.

“right-click and save as…” to download the song or use the zshare links.

mp3|Cut copy – Lights & music (Original@320Kbps!!) / (zshare)

mp3|Cut copy – Lights & music (Superdiscount remix) / (zshare)

mp3|Cut copy – Lights & music (Moulinex remix) / (zshare)

mp3|Cut copy – Lights & music (Boys noize happy birthday remix) / (zshare)

Cut copy myspace

Cut copy website

i wanna be forever young.

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