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Lights & Music Remixed.


The previous time i tried to post about Cut Copy, Modular came running a running by and halted me as their latest album ‘In ghost colours‘ wasn’t released yet.

Now that its been released, you get to enjoy the remixes in all its glory.

The Superdiscount remix deserves an extra mention for its wonderful start.

“right-click and save as…” to download the song or use the zshare links.

mp3|Cut copy – Lights & music (Original@320Kbps!!) / (zshare)

mp3|Cut copy – Lights & music (Superdiscount remix) / (zshare)

mp3|Cut copy – Lights & music (Moulinex remix) / (zshare)

mp3|Cut copy – Lights & music (Boys noize happy birthday remix) / (zshare)

Cut copy myspace

Cut copy website

martina topley bird & van she.

Martina Topley Bird has been revered as one of brit pop’s greatest mavericks.
Her voice is even said to act as a celestial foil to the blunted genius of music.

She returns with her new album on the 12th of may titled ‘the blue god

While you might think with the number of people she has worked with, music seems more like a hobby to her.

On the contrary, its more of finding the right people to work with at the right time,
showing off her creative zenith as a true chameleon of pop.

This time shes been workin with the it crowd..van she to the officers and after a listen
you will understand.

van she(modular) has turned her single into a hypnotic track which can make anyone appreciate electro-house tracks.

mp3|Martina Topley Bird – Poison (Van she mix) / (zshare)

martina topley bird website

martina topley bird myspace

THE KILLS: You aint born typical.


On the 18th day of march, the kills will drop another bomb
called midnight boom, their 3rd album to date.

Jamie(aka mr kate moss) and Allison ditched the urban jungles of LA
in need of fewer distractions and embraced the wilderness of Michigan,
aiming to create “modern playground songs” with “upbeat melodies and dark lyrics.”

According to the duo, midnight boom refers to
the period of midnight to 6 AM, the glory time of creativity and secrecy.

They are the epitome of the rebel’s rebel,
from scathing at artistes who cash in on handphone ringtones
to constantly trying to create grittier sounds.

Their first two singles already reiterates their status as gods of glamorous grime.

its time for us to cash in on the kills.


mp3|the killsU.R.A fever

mp3|the killsU.R.A fever (Remdog remix)

mp3|the killsCheap and cheerful

domino records
the kills website
the kills myspace

go to to do a remix of their single U.R.A fever.

watch the video of cheap and cheerful here.

enjoy the video of U.R.A fever:



CASXIO popped a single in my ears recently and boy did it rumble.

They are a coke-funk quartet from LA and if you wanted something fresh
and better than your average band to jump onto the dance wagon, here it is.

They are gonna be so damn hot if their album
turns and churns out tracks like seventeen.
Pretty damn insanely catchy!

They played at the viper room on monday
and if you missed it you should be catching them at SXSW.

you have to grab seventeen……..

mp3|CASXIO- seventeen

CASXIO website
CASXIO myspace

valencrime’s day: Young love with the Mystery Jets.


the mystery jets say you don’t need eyes to see if someone has a heart of glass.
one night of love.
nothin more nothin less.

These brit boys have got a new single called ‘young love
accompanied with laura marling’s vocals.

Its from their upcoming album 21 waiting to be released in march.

The old man in the extreme right corner looking all regal is henry, the drummers dad.
and yes he’s part of the band as the bassist.
who the hell said a mid life crisis had to be embarassing?

watch the video which has been uploaded only recently and grab the single while you can.
i hate valencrimes day, but i absolutely love this song.

go here to get the single in 3 different formats for a measly 4 pounds.

mp3| Mystery JetsYoung love (ft. Laura Marling)

mystery jets myspace
mystery jets website

sunday sounds: hello, blue roses


hello, blue roses is the ‘ sweetheart duo of
Dan Bejar(destroyer, the new pornographers, swan lake) and Sydney Vermont’
and they have created an alt-folk album which contains 14 songs for the lovelorn.

Dan being Dan and being gifted one of those inimitable voices,
paired with the angelic voice of Sydney, is a winning formula.

Their album is named
The portrait is finished and i have failed to capture your beauty..

Its majestic, this album. I’m not kidding.

mp3|hello, blue rosesshadow falls

mp3|hello, blue rosessunny skies

hello, blue roses myspace
hello, blue roses website

Hot Chip: Made in the dark


In this day and age of fleeting and short-lived bursts of attention
hoarded on bands and music in general, hot chip defies logic.

Pop never seemed to gain back its credibility
as a genre of gravitas since the split of the fab four.

But Hot Chip’s moment is here and they are trying in their own way
to re-express pop as a genre of good sense and actually good music.

They are a hybrid in their own terms,
blending electro and dancefloor pop with ease.

Their latest album cements them as a group which not only
transcends the fickleness of the hoi polloi,
but also the band which gave us the first massive pop single of 2008.

Now, get ready for the floor.

mp3|hot chipmade in the dark

mp3|hot chipready for the floor

mp3|hot chipready for the floor (soulwax dub)

hot chip myspace

hot chip website

friday i’m in love : Lions At Your Door

friday and its dance dance baby.
these 5 kids from sydney definitely know how to make you shake.

their hooks and bass lines purely infectious..
they seem so well-oiled unlike the rawness you hear in so many bands

one of the best things to come out of australia thus far.

mp3|Lions At Your DoorLAYD (mailer daemon mix)

LAYD myspace page

jenn grant makes us all dreamers.

when jenn grant‘s label sent me her album i greeted her with apprehension
i mean its normal when you hear comparisons to yet another female singer

boy was i wrong.
she was no psuedo jenny lewis or leslie feist.
she is jenn grant.

the single im posting blew me and tore me apart.
it was the song that got me through november.
it will bring out the idealist in you to dream and
have the faint taste of cigarettes swirl in your head.

she has shared the stage with feist, josh ritter and
toured the fall with great lake swimmers this yr.

mp3|jenn grantdreamer

go forth and dream. christmas is comin.

watch the video and get her album here.

jenn grant myspace page 

band of horses new single

band of horses have released a new single from
their upcoming album cease to begin
its supposed to be the opening track of the new album
and it sounds as good as ever.

their myspace page calls their music healing and easy listening to emotronic??
i dont know whats that supposed to mean but
if i have never heard them before i would keep my distance
just because of that description hah..
but i know that they have been making
pretty damn good music right from the start.

their label subpop is at it again making all the right noises for them.
i have added what i think is the best song they have done..
a cover of the new year band which was featured on the o.c.
(yeah yeah that sucks but at least the song still rocks)

mp3|band of horsesis there a ghost (new single!)
mp3|band of horsesthe end’s not near
(the new year cover)

pre-order their album here

i wanna be forever young.

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