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weekend without makeup

weekend without makeup.

sometimes i see God more clearly in the little details of life than within the four walls of a church.i do not have enough faith to be an atheist.”
– a series of non-events by sean of

the long blondesweekend without makeup
(someone to drive you home)

this song is 11/10 if you dont already know about them.[website] [myspace]

some music for your weekend agenda suicide..
a few tracks off some new/unreleased albums

air–once upon a time
(pocket symphony)

bright eyesno one would riot for less

mikarelax,take it easy
(life in cartoon motion)

now eschew the fuckin makeup.
and have a straight up fuss-free weekend.

dreams of lillian lies

dreams of lillian lies.

‘i am interested in the way we ascribe meaning to
mundanity and seemingly uneventful moments of everyday life’ – sean of

youth group and forever young.
dont you dare link them together.
yes they covered it so bloody well
but you gotta hear everything else.
they deserve it.don’t be sorry
just listen to them and be wowed.
some songs are a little melancholic but its really really brilliant.

youth group are from sydney, australia and have roots in the canberra indie rock scene.
they deserve alot more attention they are getting.

youth groupsomeone else’s dream
youth grouplillian lies

from the 2nd album skeleton jar

youth groupsorry

from their latest album casino twilight dogs

and the lovely video for forever young.

everybody knows you cried last night

everybody knows you cried last night.

a series of non-events by sean.

‘most of my work involves my family members and close relatives because they are accessible and they are people whom others have no access to.’ –
sean of

the photo looks sad enough and you probably have been moping around over the last song i heres a happy band.

the word ‘fratelli’ in italian means ‘brothers’.
NME proclaimed the fratellis as the best new bum band in 2006 and they won the best breakthrough act at the brit awards.
they even had their new single ‘flathead’ used for the itunes commercial.
they are so popular you have most probably heard of them.
their first ep called ‘the fratellis ep’ is so limited.someone buy it for me.

fratelliseverybody knows you cried last night

they have more fafafabulous songs such as chelsea dagger which has been conferred the status of an anthem.

and one more time since i feel it relates to the photo..
cold war kids-hang me up to dry

i turn my camera on


ahhh look at all the lonely people..
where do they all come from?
where do they all belong?…
-john paul,george&ringo

a series of non-events.
by sean lee of fame.
there will be a series of photos featured here leading up to his exhibition in june.
i am naming each photo at his request.
it may not reflect his idea of the photo.

and still i give you some.
i turn my camera on is by rock kills kid on the o.c. mix 6 and its a cover by spoon.
its a crazy ass awesome cover.

rock kills kidi turn my camera on
spooni turn my camera on (original)

and hmv has made me give up hope on finding good records and albums in singapore.
i went there today and i could not find a single album i wanted.(0/10)
even older albums are at least twice the price of a normal
there should be tashed records in singapore shouldnt we?grin.

one night to be confused

so many people telling you one many people tellin you to stay?
its friday.
give yourself one night to be confused, one night to speed up truth.
these are the words of scandinavian poets erlend oye & jose gonzalez.
jose gonzalez
is gonna wash up on our shores come march with the mosaic music fest.
that song heartbeats.i can’t even begin to describe it..he just sounds so damn vulnerable i feel it too.
it was also the song for a sony bravia advert.
erlend oye is from kings of covenience and whitest boy alive is his electronic side project and they named their genre as disco house but they are not purely electro or indie pop.its an excellent hybrid.these 2 can really garner some scandinavian lovin’.

whitest boy aliveburning(from album dreams)

jose gonzalezheartbeats(from album veneer)

i personally love hybrid bands such as hot chip with their electro-indie stance but sometimes we get electro that is smooth as honaye.incredibly easy to listen to.this group is called honeycut and the day i heard them i turned to glass.superb for friday nights.

honeycutthe day i turned to glass

btw the first photo is from the same photographer of

i wanna be forever young.

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