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Ray Lamontagne – Gossip In The Grain

Ray LaMontagne is a man who manages to express heartache and hurt better than anyone else in this world. His last 2 albums tore through the hardest of hearts and soothed the most broken of souls.

His brand of heartache is something few can fathom, with a general consensus that no one can actually write songs like that without feeling such despair themselves. Those who hurt find comfort in LaMontagne‘s music, which always grants the mood to dwell in disaster.

Gossip In The Grain is his 3rd album to date and some things remain consistent. His raspy vocals are present, he remains as intimate as ever, and he still manages to induce beautiful, rustic imagery in our heads with each song.

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Bloc Party – Intimacy

When the dust settled after Silent Alarm, Bloc Party reached a sacred place.
They were revered as greats even though it was just one album.
Silent Alarm was raw, in your face and incredibly successful, and deservedly so.

With A Weekend In The City, they experimented with more textured sounds, and came back with poor returns. Many slammed them and blamed it on the curse of the sophomore album. It was a surprise that their second album was on torrent sites months before the actual release.

This time round, they came to fight. With Intimacy slated to release in late 2008, they intentionally stunned the world with 3 days notice and started selling digital downloads of their album for 5 pounds in August.
It seemed like they were gonna use all the experience they had.

GLOSSY MP3s after the jump.

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lykke li.



mates of state and the infinite love.

dont ask me why i have so much affection for mates of state.

its not entirely logical.

maybe its because there are only the two of them and they manage to produce such lush, complex, varied sounds.

maybe its because they are always under rated to me.

maybe its beacuse they are married with two kids and they dont make music parents do.

maybe its because under all the circumstances and draw of being musicians they manage to remain inseperable.

maybe its because they have a film about themselves.

maybe its because they have nice music videos like below.

but its also mainly because the music they make is mad awesome.

its not too indie and its not too poppy.
not too heavy and not too light.

its the perfect mix of both, a real good balance.

just get their bloody album already.

mp3|mates of state – get better / (zshare)

mp3|mates of state – the re-arranger / (zshare)

mates of state website

mates of state myspace

mates of state album

Portishead – ‘Third’.

Portishead with their 3rd album named….Third.

It has been been 10 years.

I was a pre-pubescent teen the last time these legends of trip-hop came out with a new album.

Since then its been mere glimpses, from their solo pursuits to covering the serge gainsbourg along the way.

With such a faint and numbing feel to them, its hard to imagine them straying too far from what has brought them such critical acclaim.

Yet, third seems to stem from a separate vein from their first 2 records dummy and portishead.

The image of trip-hop and the musical landscape, with fickle preferences of the people have evolved tremendously over the decade and i dont think you can expect any band to produce the same vibrations after such a long period of time.

Well, its not that Portishead was one to clamor for praise and hope for mainstream loving, but third has definitely shown their evolution thus far.

Portishead have never failed to produce dark, dirty, desolate imagery, with time practically coming to a standstill. Even with a decade of evolution and a different sound, they still manage to do that to me with most tracks from third.

And i applaud them for their ability to produce such an intense vibe with different strokes.

Its been a while and i’m grateful they are back.

‘right-click and save as…‘ or use the zshare link to grab the songs.


mp3|Portishead – Nylon Smile / (zshare)

mp3|Portishead – Hunter / (zshare)

Portishead website

Portishead myspace