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flames to dust

i just felt like givin you a double feature.
double the duet
double the love.
just to let you know
all good things come to an end.
chris martin is up
followed by snow patrol.
enjoy the weekend folks

mp3|chris martin(ft. nelly furtado)all good things come to an end
mp3|snow patrol(ft. martha wainwright)set fire to the third bar


the pops

in true bang gang dj fashion
uncle johnny and noelle is imploring you
to come on down to the art bar@thebutterfactory
on friday the 27th april
without your makeup and suprise us.
because now more than ever
no one will suprise me unless than you do.

heres a remix
of every step you take
and chasing cars(snow patrol)
this is done by party ben.
and its called every car you chase.
this really surprised me.

mp3|party benevery car you chase

colors are brighter

you have witnessed the wit
he will blow you away soon enough.
now here comes the perfectly ordinary talk on how we operate.
we do alot of music here but music is never just about the music
ask michel gondry and spike jonze and they totally get it.
theres the photography and the film and the art all involved just to make music more than it is and vice versa.
so we can never just talk about the music.
let all of them work together and make love while listening to death from above.

gomezhow we operate
cansei de ser sexylets make love and listen to death from above

a couple of kids namely franz ferdinand, snow patrol, the kooks and four tet are contributing to a collection of children’s songs curated by belle and sebastian
and it was released last oct.its called colors are brighter and if i had kids they’d be listenin to this.
myspace page

pls tell me if you can find it cos i definitely cant in singapore.heres something from the album.

fourtetgo go ninja dinosaur