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monday movie mania: Once.


everybody’s been talkin about the music from once
ever since they won an oscar for the song ‘falling slowly‘ .

once is the winner of the world cinema dramatic audience award at Sundance.
Its an unpretentious story and blend of honest romance and music.

But i shall let the trailer speak for this magical low budget film with enough hype goin around.

“how often do you find the right person?”…

mp3|Glen Hansard & Marketa Irglova – Falling slowly / (zshare)

mp3|The Frames – Falling slowly / (zshare)

The Frames is actually Glen Hansard’s band so check them out too.

once website
once myspace
BUY BUY BUY music from the motion picture



JUNO was released in Singapore on valencrime’s day.

While i know it was a hit in the states and peeps there are totally
sick of hearing anymore publicity of Juno,
i’m still gonna do my part in helping with sales of the soundtrack
which fit the movie to a T.

Its not an album you can listen to all the time
and neither can it feed your hungry ears for songs with mind blowing lyrics
but its still a steal and its quite the indie-twee-pop which gets to me at times.

The trailer itself destroyed the spunk and stole the good lines of the movie
but nonetheless i believe Jason Reitman produced exactly what he wanted
a TYFS-esque movie which could hit the mainstream and induce us with his
dry humour which at times can be too cute for my liking.

I implore you to watch the movie still, it being far better than most films showing.

grab my 2 favorite songs from the movie and remember
to get the album here.
I have added the recording of ‘anyone else but you
sung by ellen page and michael cera themselves.

mp3|The Moldy PeachesAnyone else but you
mp3|Barry Louis PolisarAll i want is you
mp3|Michael Cera and Ellen PageAnyone else but you

motion pictures and commercials

having not watched shrek I or II before
it was a bloody nice surprise finding
the likes of damien rice and the eels on the soundtrack
of a movie i had no initial interest in.
(yes yes im a hermit)
even live and let die was used.amazing.

mp3|eelsroyal pain
mp3|damien rice9 crimes

its time for some heart wrenching videos
with tracks which refused to get out of your head.
first up is liberty mutual’s beautiful ad
with the most gorgeous song
by the always incandescent hem.
exaggeration?not by my standards.

mp3|hemhalf acre

next up is sony ericssons ad campaign
which im pretty sure all of you have
seen and been infected with by now.
simplicity at its best.
adorable?i know.

who agrees with me the two of them are simply
chris martin and maggie gyllenhaal lookalikes?

mp3|freelance hellraiserwant you to know

the last kiss

the biggest miss of 2006?
the last kiss has a stellar cast.
one not of epic proportions.
but one of honest actors with honest day to day unspectacular conversations.
while it was was absolutely true.
the choices you make.the grey on infidelity.the truth on wanting more.
may we never know.

casey affleck was pure brilliance.tom wilkinson insane.
zach braff was wonderful and jacinda barrett always always lovely.
theres also the awesome music which i thought could have had more depth,
but it was still at least 8/10.
superb choice.

heres some stuff from the soundtrack.

remy zeroprophecy (that rachel bilson scene)
joshua radinstar mile
ray lamontagnehold me in your arms

please buy it here.or hear more of it.
and watch it dammit.

a song to brood | DeVotchKa

DeVotchKa played a big part in the soundtrack for the movie little miss sunshine.

They are a four piece multi-instrumental and vocal ensemble that fuses romani,greek,slavic,bolero and mariachi music with American punk and folk roots.

They take their name from a english slang(nadsat) for ‘young girl’ which is derived from the russian word.

In their early years, DeVotchKa toured with fetish model Dita von Teese(recently collaborated and modelled for mac cosmetics).How cool is that!

According to filter magazine,
its the album you put on when you want to wallow, when you want to brood, when you want to shut your windows and close your blinds and lose yourself in the wistful tragedy of love and loss and hope and nostalgia that bubbles to the surface in all of your darker, finer moments.
i cant describe them better than that.

This band and especially the song will challenge everything you think you know about genres and music.
and that is what i believe is the essence of indie..not having any genres to stifle.
so enjoy it and dont..dont brood too much.its bad.

DeVotchKahow it ends

see this video of one of the greastest songs ever(even for brooding)–mad world.

i wanna be forever young.

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