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Ingrid Michaelson – Be Ok

Ingrid Michaelson is back with a sophomore effort.
Rolling Stone mag gave her a bad review, others scoffed at her for taking a step back from her mercurial rise.
So whats the truth?

This album is basically a collection of covers, live recordings and new songs. And with a portion of the sales for this album being donated to the Stand Up To Cancer campaign, it seems like this album is her way of giving back.

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Sunday Sounds with Fleet Foxes

sundays are days you wanna feel out of this world.

light and airy with music to daze over the most mundane things in life.
Like mountains, animals, forests, branches, hills and even the shape of clouds.

As mundane as they are they actually keep us sane and in touch with our own mortality.

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sunday sounds with jonna lee.

Jonna Lee makes crisp indie-pop with melodies perfect for a sunday afternoon.

Her debut album 10 Pieces, 10 Bruises was co-produced with UK songwriter Ed Harcourt and her fiance, Claes Björklund who is part of travis.

Her gentle voice is a huge part of this album and balances perfectly with the music. It really is beautiful pop.

She did a Postal Service cover that is really brilliant as well.

Get her album here.

mp3|Jonna Lee – Dried out eyes / (zshare)

mp3|Jonna Lee – This district sleeps alone tonight (Postal Service cover) / (zshare)

Jonna Lee website

Jonna Lee myspace

sunday sounds : she & him

she & him is made up of M.Ward with actress Zooey Deschanel and they are as honest as they come.

no drums, bass, strings or pedal steels.

they’ve stripped their music down to its harmonious core.

simplicity is what we all seek eventually and she & him have done that to perfection.

it really is a beautiful piece of work and each melody in this album is terrific.

it makes you wanna grab the nearest linda ronstadt album along with it.

laze, daze and be less confused this sunday with she & him.

mp3|she & him – why do you let me stay here? / (zshare)

mp3|she & him – sentimental heart / (zshare)

she & him website

she & him myspace

sunday sounds with laura marling.

Laura Marling is the precocious girl in the photo above.

I repeat. She sings wayyy beyond her age.

She even sounds like shes been at it for ages with such a polished sound, but isn’t even in her 20s.

We have mentioned her here before when she collaborated with the mystery jets for a fabulous track.

Enough with the trivia and lets talk about her music.

Her songs are an amalgamation of folk and pop’s utter goodness which are incredibly charming , provocative, disarming and intimate.

Those are the perfect ingredients for a sunday sound.

So get used to her name.

‘ghosts’ video

album|alas i cannot swim

mp3|laura marling – ghosts

mp3|laura marling – failure

laura marling website

laura marling myspace

laura marling album

sunday sounds: skinny love with Bon Iver.


Bon Iver (pronounced bohn-eevair) is the stage name of indie-folk performer
Justin Vernon and he is an absolute obsession here at !tashed.

He released his album For emma, forever ago independently in 2007 and got picked up by the awesome indie label jajaguwar not long after, re-releasing it early this year.

If you can remember how iron & wine sounded to you the first time you heard them,
keep that in mind and add an insanely peculiar but incomparably perfect falsetto voice in its own right.

Thats Bon Iver for you.

With such vocals and such a myriad of images which comes to mind everytime his music gets played, he looks to be one of those greats in time to come.

Great expectations..but listen to him before you judge what i say.
Listen to skinny love just once and you will get so so hooked.

album|For Emma, forever ago

mp3|Bon Iver – Skinny love / (zshare)

mp3|Bon Iver – For Emma / (zshare)

Bon Iver website @ jagjaguwar

Bon Iver myspace

BUY BUY BUY BON IVER’S ALBUM for emma, forever ago NOW.

sunday sounds with LIOR.


To most people , Lior emerged out of nowhere in 2005
and caused a stir with his debut album autumn flow.

It became one of the most successful debut albums
in australia’s independent music history.

To Lior, the accolades he has received are merely diversions
and is really all about the music.

In his labels words..
Lior is a reminder of a time when music came first and everything else was secondary.

Corner of an endless road was released in Feb 08′
and its never too late to listen to something worth your attention.

According to Lior himself, the tracks from this album is
“a true representation of my musical landscape.. and are intensely personal.”

The album is recorded in melbourne,
and produced by Frank Tetaz (Architecture in Helsinki),
including a guest appearance from Sia. Remember her here.

He has a dinstinctive emotive allure to his vocals and music,
perfect for a sunday vibe and a spot on sunday sounds here @ !tashed.

right-click and save as…” to grab the songs.

mp3|Lior – Heal me

mp3|Lior – I’ll forget you (Featuring Sia)

Lior website
Lior myspace