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the pops with a hot chick in charge

like this hot chick you cant even touch
so get your ass on the floor..down to the floor.
tap your funky dance shoes because it seems
they just stand there like this………………………..

tonight 3 hot chicks
square up against each other
for a technicolor electro clash

thedickbandit vs shaun vs uncle johnny.

the pops@thebutterfactory art bar 160607

i present the hot chick who inspired
this very night of madness..uffie.
everyones been ravin about this uffie chick
since last yr and the mix of rap and electro
just takes the cake.
well..ed banger is one hell of a record company.
another reason is because she looks like this.

mp3|uffiehot chick in charge
mp3|justicethe party(ft. uffie)

the pops!!!

its the effin pops this saturday@thebutterfactory‘s ART BAR!
its saturday..its saturday!
come on down without your bloody makeup
i swear we dont need your artificial arty attitude
its time we all have a bloody awesome night
heres a teaser for the night
we all need to go for rehab

mp3|amy winehouserehab (hot chip remix)

part deux for springtime will kill you
will come in the next few days so watch out for it!

the pops

in true bang gang dj fashion
uncle johnny and noelle is imploring you
to come on down to the art bar@thebutterfactory
on friday the 27th april
without your makeup and suprise us.
because now more than ever
no one will suprise me unless than you do.

heres a remix
of every step you take
and chasing cars(snow patrol)
this is done by party ben.
and its called every car you chase.
this really surprised me.

mp3|party benevery car you chase

they tried to make me go to rehab.

they tried to make me go to rehab.i said no no no.i wont go go go.

everyone has an imaginery friend.
dont lie to me cause’ i know that that is something you do not outgrow.
you better go for rehab.

uncle johnnys back.
with his lungs black and soul tainted
to make everybody want to go for rehab.

let me rant.
the pops on 17th march saturday @ thebutterfactory
with shaun and thedickbandit!(interpop)
the pops is supposed to be the pops.

so i give you some bloody popular music for now.
no link.

amy winehouse.
i dont need to tell you abt her.
you already know her.
i seldom put r&b here so this must be somethin.

amy winehouserehab
amy winehouse-back to black

dont bet on uncle johnny playin r&b @ the pops.
chances are.. zero?

under the influence

gonna hit the decks this sunday@ thebutterfactory for an event called the pops!its a holiday in singapore on mon and tues so come down for some pop,electro,post-punk,nu-wave and of course everything indie.(email me if you wanna be on the guestlist.)the date on the flyer is wrong its 18th not 25th.

we all do things under the influence.most of the time at tashed we do it under alcohols amazing powers.but recently i have been under the influence of giants.

under the influence of giantsin the clouds
i really really adore this band.

i didnt do the thurs special this week due to some artwork not being ready till next week so i will make it up to you with a massive post.

friday is the fever, monday the destroyer.

the number of albums coming out these few months is insane.look at the list and go cray-z.

clap your hands say yeah-some loud thunder
bloc party-
a weekend in the city
kaiser chiefs-yours truly,angry mob
arcade fire-neon bible
bright eyes-cassadaga
the shins-wincing the night away
modest mouse-we were dead even before the ship sank
travis-the boy with no name
air-pocket symphony
ambulance ltd
damien rice-9
kings of leon-because of the times
feist-the reminder(may)

now start kissing the lipless and dance like no one is watching

damien ricecreep(cover)
the shinsphantom limb(from the new album wincing the night away)
the shinskissing the lipless

the boys comin to town in march,
album leafalways for you

and for those still suffering in the crazy winter..
the long winterspushover
an excellent song from their album putting the days to bed.

i wanna be forever young.

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