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Ingrid Michaelson – Be Ok

Ingrid Michaelson is back with a sophomore effort.
Rolling Stone mag gave her a bad review, others scoffed at her for taking a step back from her mercurial rise.
So whats the truth?

This album is basically a collection of covers, live recordings and new songs. And with a portion of the sales for this album being donated to the Stand Up To Cancer campaign, it seems like this album is her way of giving back.

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holdin on to the cracks in our foundation

i swear kate nash is ‘lily allen meets the streets‘.
i really hate comparing artists but this one really hits the spot.

she is indie-pop at its finest..a perfectly ‘radio-friendly’ track.
really really easy on the ears and i just know that
shes gonna be big worldwide in no time so look out for her
the brit accent makes her even more twee.

download foundations because its of of those rare songs with sad lyrics
but a happy tune to go along. shes already getting airtime on poptart so
dont forget to get the album here.

album|made of bricks
mp3|kate nashfoundations

the brunettes

i would like to think there was a time
when ‘pop’ or the mere mention of it
was not frowned upon.
i think that time is almost back.
(in the world of !tashed at least)
listen to the brunettes and tell me
if you can find anything sweeter but not corny.
subpop recently released structure and cosmetics
on the label in the states.
(this label cant do anyth wrong)

let this auckland band charm you away.
loopy loopy love is in constant loop.

album|mars loves venus
mp3|the brunettesloopy loopy love

album|structure and cosmetics
mp3|the brunettessmall town crew

sugar sweet

the icicles say they are for those cold nights and warm days.
i think they mean they can be really comforting.

sounding really exuberant and youthful.
they are excellent for today.

they did the music for the motorola krzr ad
which got everyone tapping their feet
and wondering who the hell sang the song.

joyous pop and sugar sweet it is.

mp3|the iciclessugar sweet (motorola ad)
mp3|the iciclescrazy

video of the ad.

now you can search for older posts with the search function on the right
if you remember or want something such as ad music, twee etc..
the easiest way is lookin at the labels at the bottom of every post.

super furry lion

gruff rhys is the frontman of welsh superband
super furry animals.
remember hello sunshine?
hes releasing his 2nd solo album
im beginning to wonder how much talent this arse has.

hes able to come out with an entire album in welsh
sing in spanish and
now one superb album in english.

this album is so laid-back.
its fantastic acoustic indie-pop goodness
for all your road trips and spring/summer lovin.
download it and really go through it
i happen to really really adore lonesome words.

mp3|gruff rhyscandylion
mp3|gruff rhyslonesome words

boys boys boys..

from boy kill boy to the whitest boy alive
here comes the happiest of them all
the boy least likely to.

im gonna force my neices and nephews to listen to them(im serious)
girls are gonna love this band
boys are gonna go ‘twee like fuck!’ and act like they detest them.

but this band is so happy it makes everyone gay.
now wtf are you thinking its harmless childrens music we are talking about.

the boy least likely tobe gentle with me
the boy least likely toi’m glad i hitched my apple wagon to your star


of 2 million people watching the infamous boys dancing on treadmills and grannies dancing next to treadmills.(bloody speechless..these grannies are cooler than you.)
please watch the 2 videos.

OK GOhere it goes again (catchy catchy catchy!)

its just a joy watching 4 grown men acting like boys and old folks dancing.
who cares about the young folks??

crayon fields and children

you know the deal.
when a band plays with handclaps and triangles to go with a melodic voice,it sounds really really happy.

music which has tambourines,shakers and handclaps..always appeals to me.
that is exactly what the crayon fields sound like.
a bloody happy band.
they are classified as childrens music on itunes. hah.
they really seem to take everything good about being a child into their music.

you know where hope used to be a good thing and being happy was all that mattered…not childish,but they seem to sing in a way that children may just be the ones who see the bigger picture in life.
they are totally not self-conscious according to pple who’ve seen them live.

my dream position in a band is being that dude at the side with the shaker livin in his own world.
and i’d rather be ringo than paul.

i still want impossible things..
i’ll clap for you and you’d clap for me.

the bands from melbourne and its their first album called animal bells.a bloody good effort.

the crayon fieldsimpossible things


ok sasquatch music festival is just insane.
look at the view those minions are gonna get!they call it the gorge.the lineup is…spectacular.
spoon,dandy warhols,arcade fire,grizzly bear,the blow,
aqueduct,interpol,the slip,two gallants,beastie boys,tokyo police club…..
omg its like coachella or better..
and why do i complain about asia?
this is why.
next yr…im def goin.

and since its gonna be monday i’m gonna give you a reminder on feist.
with her new album the reminder out april 23rd, it looks like shes gonna cement herself as one of those.
those with albums you actually bother anticipating for.
let it die
was soo good she doesnt need to prove anything but you know the greats keep at it.
and i’m gonna give you a preview from the new nice.

feistmy man, my moon
bright eyesmushaboom (live feist cover)

whenever i hear the bird and the bee they remind me a
lil bit of feist/the hush sound/jenny lewis and the lalala band kind.a friend of mine coined that term and i dont know how to describe it but yeah it really hits the spot.the albums self-titled and its really really good for afternoons and wishin for sunshine.
the bird refers to greg kurstin and the bee is inara george.remember fools in love?yup its her.greg has helped in producing albums for the likes of lily allen,beck,flaming lips and more so you can expect something outta him.

the bird and the beei’m a broken heart
the bird and the beei hate camera (rec’d)

i have stopped using yousendit.hope its better now.
you can even listen to the song before downloading!

colors are brighter

you have witnessed the wit
he will blow you away soon enough.
now here comes the perfectly ordinary talk on how we operate.
we do alot of music here but music is never just about the music
ask michel gondry and spike jonze and they totally get it.
theres the photography and the film and the art all involved just to make music more than it is and vice versa.
so we can never just talk about the music.
let all of them work together and make love while listening to death from above.

gomezhow we operate
cansei de ser sexylets make love and listen to death from above

a couple of kids namely franz ferdinand, snow patrol, the kooks and four tet are contributing to a collection of children’s songs curated by belle and sebastian
and it was released last oct.its called colors are brighter and if i had kids they’d be listenin to this.
myspace page

pls tell me if you can find it cos i definitely cant in singapore.heres something from the album.

fourtetgo go ninja dinosaur

i heart.

bloggers a bitch and the site looks fugly.
even the weathers gone nuts these days.couple of friends in the states and uk keep tellin me abt the crazy winter thats been blazin its way through.
but i’ve got some stuff to make things as sweet and comforting as the first time you tried strawberries and cream.

voxtrot have been labelled as twee pop by many but we all know twee pop has a bad rep so i dont like genre stereotyping.
they are just delicious melodic pop.
the other single trouble is a real gem.
go get the album now.

voxtrotwarmest part of the winter

looking at au revoir simone‘s pictures will make even the hardest man melt.
pretty pretty petticoat…
they even sound as delicate as they appear to be.
their album’s aptly called the bird of music.
‘nothings worse than seeing you worse than me,
nothing hurts like seeing you hurt like me.’
i heart au revoir simone.

au revoir simonefallen snow

you know how it is that people love to drop the ‘i heart..’ statement.
well the folks at sony ericsson simply abused it for their ad campaign, using their own logo.
remember the i heart the rain,i heart the long commute they throw at you?
here’s the video of the ad to refresh things.(longer version)
and of course, heres the song..
for the birthday boy,whale.happy 22nd prick.

holiday for stringsjump on food

i wanna be forever young.

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