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the month of may.

-photo by thecobrasnake.

its serious madness this may.

and singapore is party central.

you might just end up lookin like the dude above.

here’s hows its goin down.


  • 9th May @ Zouk – Kitsune party (Gildas & Masaya)
  • 16th – 18th May @ Various locations – World Wide Festival
  • 17th May @ Zouk– RSG anniversary with Steve Aoki and thecobrasnake
  • 31st May @ Zouk – Ed Banger crew



oh and i left out stereophonics on purpose because i didnt make it.

but heres more treats for you.

mp3|Mr Flash – Over The Top / (zshare)

mp3|Uffie – Robot Oeuf / (zshare)

mp3|DJ Mehdi – Pocket Piano / (zshare)

lets start with a bang because we wont know what hit us in the end.

more ed rec vol. 3 tracks here.


1. the butter factory website

2. zouk website


1. kitsune website

2. world wide festival website/info

3. thecobrasnake

4. tittsworth myspace

5. Ed Banger


friday i’m in love: Steve Aoki, pillowface and his airplane chronicles


celebrity DJ steve aoki (kid millionare) has released his debut mix album

pillowface and his airplace chronicles‘.

-throw in his famous friends he made along the way,
ask them to refine tunes with him and make those hits bigger than ever.

As much as the world despises and frowns on his pathetic need to ‘crowd surf’
while DJing, the mixes in this album is pretty darn solid.

I’m declaring these mixes electro anthems. they deserve it.

mp3|steve aokiScanners, low life (LA riots remix w/uffie guest drop)

mp3|steve aokiGreen velvet, shake and pop (w/kid sister’s guest drop)

mp3|steve aokiGoose, bring it on (w/ Todd Fink of The Faint guest drop)


the biggest annual dance festival in singapore is BACK.

with UFFIE uffaye UFF joining the lineup of armin van buuren, carl cox and giles peterson.

see the lineup here.

mp3|uffiehot chick in charge

and !tashed is supporting the event!

SO.. here at !tashed you can order your tix at only 43 bucks. (from now till the 9th of NOV)
the tickets are selling at 48 bucks now but because the readers of !tashed appreciate uffie and folks much more than the hoi polloi you get a really nice discount.

grab it while you can by ordering tickets here.

lets all get tashed at zoukout.

the pops with a hot chick in charge

like this hot chick you cant even touch
so get your ass on the floor..down to the floor.
tap your funky dance shoes because it seems
they just stand there like this………………………..

tonight 3 hot chicks
square up against each other
for a technicolor electro clash

thedickbandit vs shaun vs uncle johnny.

the pops@thebutterfactory art bar 160607

i present the hot chick who inspired
this very night of madness..uffie.
everyones been ravin about this uffie chick
since last yr and the mix of rap and electro
just takes the cake.
well..ed banger is one hell of a record company.
another reason is because she looks like this.

mp3|uffiehot chick in charge
mp3|justicethe party(ft. uffie)