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nico vega: glamorous indie rock and roll.

nico vega cooked my brains out.

The first time i listened to them i immediately likened them to YYY‘s and the kills.

It is fist pumping, dirty, glamorous rock at its finest.

but there are those who went for their live shows who were not impressed.

I for one do not have that privilege.

But from what i have heard through their recorded stuff, its bloody bloody good rock and roll.

they have insane vocals in Aja who is able to fight with Karen O on her day.

mp3|nico vega – be giving / (zshare)

mp3|nico vega – wooden dolls / (zshare)

nico vega myspace

nico vega album


halloween mix.

its beckoning!

heres a mix for all your fear and loathing.

here comes the fear again.

album|tashed halloween mix.

mp3| gnarls barkleythe boogie monster

mp3| eagles of death metal flames go higher

mp3| pulp the fear (.m4a format)

mp3| tv on the radio- staring at the sun

mp3| the divine comedy- no one knows

mp3| david bowie-the man who sold the world

mp3| siouxsie & the banshees halloween

mp3| interpolevil

when everybody else refrained, uncle johnny did halloween.

you’re supposed to be my friend

it is common consensus that anything
which comes out from rough trade is a killer.
the latest album by 1990s called cookies
is in no way any different.

it has the most unpretentious meaningless lyrics
which also means that it is absolute fun.
these boys from glasgow really know how to make you shake
listen to them and try to keep still..
and well, also because you’re supposed to be my friend.

mp3|1990syou’re supposed to be my friend
mp3|1990syou made me like it



i am the eggman

probably the only video i will post on this site.
oh jude.
hey jude.
i hope this movie ends up as beautiful as what i expect it to be.
stimulating..visually, emotionally and in every way possible.
its like begging for your attention without seeming pathetic.

talkin about them..if you remember a couple of months back
those who are still alive plus the martins and the witch yoko decided to do experimental mixes for a collaboration with cirque du soleil
and the result was a soundtrack called love.

it was a slight departure from the originals
and didnt change much of it
but its the beatles.
i cant see any part of them and their music which desires change.
they were that close to perfection.

heres a different version of one of the greatest songs everfrom love.

the beatlesi am the walrus (love remix)

i am the eggman.
lets go across the universe.
see how they fly like lucy in the sky see how they run.
stupid bloody tuesday.