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the blood arm

the blood arm is a favorite here at tashed.
you dont get this kinda energy these days
its always sappy moody songs which take the cake
cos everyone just wants to indulge in their dark emotions

once in a while a band comes along
sweeps you off your feet
and makes you feel like a bouncing seal
whatever man im serious about this band.
this song is madness.
everyone will sweat like pigs if they see them live.

franz ferdinand calls them their favorite band
and they have toured with maximo park,the killers
we are scientists and sunshine underground.

lie lover lie is their 2nd album released late 06′
and i wanted to keep this L.A. band to myself
selfish selfish.
but this is for the fever left behind by the rapture.

mp3|the blood armsuspicious character

from their previous album bomb romantics:

mp3|the blood armwant x 3


i like all the girls and all the girls like me.


some loud thunder

it seems like the lead vocalist alec ounsworth of
clap your hands say yeah
has someone grabbing his balls while he sings
but in actual fact his voice grabs you instantly.

it may not appeal to you immediately
but its not surprising that their dark emotion-filled music
is so infectious even david bowie is an admirer.

while most sophomore albums disappoint,
some loud thunder does not stray from
making music which startles, trips and steals your soul.
incredible stuff.

just dont compare it to the first album.that was pure genius.
take your time with this album and for once,
the hype is not just about the hype.

perfect for undercurrents of heavy heavy emotion
where gravitas and not fleeting cheap thrills is desired.

clap your hands say yeahlove song no.7clap your hands say yeahyankee go home

from the first self-titled album which stunned everyone…

clap your hands say yeahdetails of the war
clap your hands say yeahover and over again(lost and found)


*used for a magazine review

the faint | maybe i feel too tashed

tell me you hate electro
tell me you are an indie purist
or a purist of any genre.
then know this.
mr conor oberst of bright eyes aka rock’s boy genius and the best storyteller in the world used to be part of the faint.
yes now tell me you are still a purist.
they never started out to sound this electro.
but they are more of a hybrid.
and similiar in the way the klaxons, killers and the rapture abuse the use of synths to perfection.
go forth and embrace the new sound.

maybe i feel too tashed
i may just look too shy..
i feel the social glare
i feel the attitude‘ – glass danse

the faintglass danse
the faintagenda suicide
from their album danse macabre.

they even mentioned tashed!
when i heard it i had a hard on immediately.
elevated to top 5 on my list instantly.
and this is crazyass fun to dance to.

heartless bastards searching for the ghost

were you seduced by the idea of garage rock?
seduced by some asses called the strokes?
well i think ive got something really raw and really enticing on my hands.
one womans gnarly woman on the guitar.
one band who seems so simple yet the more you listen to it the more complex it gets.

I have been seduced by the heartless bastards.
simple no frills rock at its best to perk you up for the weekend of non stop fun.
hailing from cincinnati, ohio, i hope they clear the airwaves for rock.
boys and girls, enjoy.

heartless bastardssearching for the ghost
heartless bastardsinto the open

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everybody knows you cried last night

everybody knows you cried last night.

a series of non-events by sean.

‘most of my work involves my family members and close relatives because they are accessible and they are people whom others have no access to.’ –
sean of

the photo looks sad enough and you probably have been moping around over the last song i heres a happy band.

the word ‘fratelli’ in italian means ‘brothers’.
NME proclaimed the fratellis as the best new bum band in 2006 and they won the best breakthrough act at the brit awards.
they even had their new single ‘flathead’ used for the itunes commercial.
they are so popular you have most probably heard of them.
their first ep called ‘the fratellis ep’ is so limited.someone buy it for me.

fratelliseverybody knows you cried last night

they have more fafafabulous songs such as chelsea dagger which has been conferred the status of an anthem.

and one more time since i feel it relates to the photo..
cold war kids-hang me up to dry

a song to brood | DeVotchKa

DeVotchKa played a big part in the soundtrack for the movie little miss sunshine.

They are a four piece multi-instrumental and vocal ensemble that fuses romani,greek,slavic,bolero and mariachi music with American punk and folk roots.

They take their name from a english slang(nadsat) for ‘young girl’ which is derived from the russian word.

In their early years, DeVotchKa toured with fetish model Dita von Teese(recently collaborated and modelled for mac cosmetics).How cool is that!

According to filter magazine,
its the album you put on when you want to wallow, when you want to brood, when you want to shut your windows and close your blinds and lose yourself in the wistful tragedy of love and loss and hope and nostalgia that bubbles to the surface in all of your darker, finer moments.
i cant describe them better than that.

This band and especially the song will challenge everything you think you know about genres and music.
and that is what i believe is the essence of indie..not having any genres to stifle.
so enjoy it and dont..dont brood too much.its bad.

DeVotchKahow it ends

see this video of one of the greastest songs ever(even for brooding)–mad world.

some kind of chill

sometimes it comes without words.
sometimes it goes without saying.

i do not know of anyone who has heard some kindofchill and not like it.
but dont put your finger down and label arizona just because you heard that gem of a song.
songs like splintering and away are quite different and showcase their eclectic sound.

these songs are from their album called welcome back dear children.
if you ever had a bad day, some kind of chill is the song you should be listening to.
i implore you to purchase this album.
this is what we should be hearing as pop on our local radio stations.

when i hear them sing ‘what goes around comes around..’ in splintering,i thought of justin timberlake and his song of that name.
absolute trash to me.
and i thought scarlett johansson could do no wrong.
see the video if you dont understand.

arizona‘s gonna have a new album out soon so look out for em i swear theyre gonna tash you.

until you get to that place

arizonasome kind of chill


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