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friday i’m in love with Van She Tech.

Van She Technologic are remixes done by 2 members of Van She who are coincidentally coming tonight for beatnik picnic @ smu green.

Its a free concert so haul your ass down there.

Their remixes are seriously no jokin matter.

Staple diet for craving and raving.

Here’s 2 remixes of two older but still insane tracks.

we could be a sweet team, melting in your vice dreams.

mp3|Feist – 1234 (Van She Tech remix) / (zshare)

mp3|NYPC – Ice Cream (Van She Tech remix) / (zshare)

Van She website

Van She Tech myspace

Van She ‘V’ album + tee shirt


friday the 13th.

-kate moss by hedi slimane.

!tashed friday the 13th mix

mp3|Crystal Castles – Crimewave (Lazrtag remix) / (zshare)

mp3|Digitalism – Pogo (CSS remix) / (zshare)

mp3|Cut Copy – Hearts on fire (Calvin Harris remix) / (zshare)

mp3|MGMT – Electric Feel (Justice remix) / (zshare)

mp3|Does it offend you, yeah? – Epic Last Song (Lifelike remix) / (zshare)

mp3|Teenagers – Alone again (Van She Tech remix) / (zshare)